Photography by the Porte-Plume.

Wearing Aidan Mattox Strapless Printed DressDayaDay Clutch, Vintage 1959 Ivory Elephant Earrings from Gump’s (gifted from the Swedish Grandma), and Gianni Bini So-Chic Round Toe Pumps.

If you’ve been wondering where on earth COSMICaroline has gone during the last three weeks, I’ve been busy graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Belmont University.  It’s been a total whirlwind.  Celebrating, eating, drinking, toasting, and making serious landmarks.  Thanks for your emails of support from those who knew what I was doing.  Now that I’m back, I can return to the regular scheduled programming starting on Thursday.

This time has been filled with a baccalaureate and a commencement, a dinner at city house and a backyard graduation party turned rainy day in a garage.  I’ve been leading hundreds of students into a stadium of crying and laughing parents, receiving a well-deserved diploma, dancing to the turtles, and screaming from the depths of my soul.

It’s been four years of hard work, ridiculous stories, and long nights.  Tired eyes and worn out hands, coffee jitters and stuffy dorm rooms.  Early morning classes and late night seminars, procrastination station and internet battles.  New friends and lost souls, road trips and themed parties.  Heart to heart talks, creative minds, dramatic tears, and sidewalk chalk.  I never thought that this moment would ever come, and now that it has passed, I’m overjoyed.  It’s been a beautiful adventure, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  Good news is…now that I don’t have a ginormous amount of college homework bearing down on me, I can dedicate time to job hunting, blog work, clorange, and reconnecting with friends and family.
To my family, thank you for your support over the past four years.  There were moments when there wasn’t time for groceries or sanity, but you kept me grounded.  The mystery inspired me to never lose sight of goals and remained a constant reminder to see the importance of true creativity.  The Porte-plume was a role model for hard work paying off, balancing intelligence with the perfect amount of giggly fun.  The muddah and the fuddah?  Without you, none of these past four years would have been possible.  You pushed me to excel for myself.  You showed me that anything is possible.  You supported my efforts every step of the way and taught me how talents and ideas can create a solid future.  You hugged me when I needed it, laughed when I needed a smile, and assisted me in infinite ways.  I can already tell that, for years to come, I will continue to see how your support assisted every aspect of my life.
To my friends
, thank you for being totally awesome.  I’ve had to neglect quite a few of you in order to graduate.  It’s been nothing but books and homework for the past couple years, and for that, I have had to turn down invites and forget to return phone calls.  When you don’t have time to call friends or hang out or grab lunch or accept invites, you find out who your true friends are.  The true friends are those who are willing to give you a minute and understand that although you’re not answering your phone, you still love them.  The true friends are those who understand that sometimes priorities shift and although neglect sometimes follows, it is only temporary.  the rebel, the cupcake, the old soul, the iceman, all of clorange, all of mfmdoom househillwoodwest Nashvilleeast TennesseeKentuckyspring breaks and music festivals.  To everyone I’ve met over the past four years, you’re wonderful.  To those who have come in and out of my life, best of luck.  It’s been a beautiful and remarkable time for learning and finding me and every single one of you has assisted in the journey.  I can only hope that I can reciprocate the support. Tom Petty once said, “You have four years to be irresponsible here.  Relax.  Work is for people with jobs.  You’ll never remember class time, but you’ll remember time you wasted hanging out with your friends.  So, stay out late.  Go out on a Tuesday with your friends when you have a paper due Wednesday.  Drink ’til sunrise.  The work never ends, but college does…

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