{ Meet Bernard – First Official Roommate }

{ Holiday-colored Flowers on a nearby Street Corner }

First off, a huge thank you to the wonderful people at the Nashville Scene and the Spin who included Clorange in their review of last Thursday’s show at the end. It’s always a good feeling to be involved in a band with not only some of your closest friends, but for people to respond positively to live shows. See the entire review and the show slideshow by clicking here. Otherwise, here is the excerpt from the article.

“Why didn’t anybody tell us about Clorange? Given The Spin’s deep love for all things doomy and psychedelic, and our love for tough rocker chicks in leather jackets, and guitar players who look like Leslie West, and guitarmonies, and …well, you get the picture. How we didn’t know about this band is a mystery to us. But they’re a mystery no more! Sign us up for the Clorange Fan Club!”

In other happy news, quite a few of you have expressed interest in seeing more frequent posts from me. Well, it’s time to start what I’m going to call, ‘weekly gems’. This is the first edition, and I hope it’s what some of you have been looking for. It will continue to be a weekly post, scheduled around the normal outfit photographs, containing five points of inspiration that I’ve found myself obsessed with lately. It will be anything and everything, from vintage stores and new shoes to dinner recipes and newfound music. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

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