Photography by the Warhol.

Wearing Thrifted Double-Breasted Coat, Oxford Boutique White Lace Dress, UO Feathered Clutch, F21 Black Suedette Pumps and Floppy Hat.

I get on my soap box very frequently to scream about my frustration with top 40 radios. I get very upset with the fact that so many people believe that what you hear on the radio is actually talent. The names that people label as “artists” are usually robots. but, the good news is, not only is there an enormous amount of actually talented musicians making a name for themselves, but there are even some people with oodles of talent still on the radio. Beyoncé is someone that I’ve ignored for the majority of my life. It was just never my cup of tea. But, “Love On Top” is something different for my ears, and I love every second of it. The numerous key changes at the end is what got to me, it made me stop in my tracks. Sing it, girl. Because no one else rocks like that. Thank goodness for the hope that there is still real soul in some singers today. Also, she rocks a beautifully tailored gold tuxedo, and I love the intricate detail on her pilot’s hat. If you’re looking for more songs from her that resembles this same power, I recommend “1+1“. The music video makes me want to take a shower and eliminate all 80s references from my life, but the melody is old school and wonderful.

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