Photography by the Porte-Plume.

Wearing American Apparel Petticoat Skirt in Ballet Pink, Thrifted Goldfrapp T-Shirt, Vintage Black Suede Belt, Alloy Makenzie Clutch, and ZARA Wedge Ankle Boots and Feathered Earrings via ZARA.

A huge thank you to the wonderful people at ZARA who have involved me in the US launch of their online shopping website. I know every girl was excited about that day in September. I posted about the lovely little gift here. Besides the inspiring “Dear America” photo collection, I also had the chance to use a gift certificate on the new US website. These Feathered Earrings were my second purchase, after the ankle boots. Mix and matched, a touch of black and green on the feather, with a beautiful silver skull, these are exactly the black earrings that my collection was lacking. Stay tuned for the last part of this three-part ZARA series.

The rabbit hole is slightly more complete as I continue to be thankful for a home all my own. I’ve learned how important it is to have a sanctuary where work can be completed and goals can be reached without distractions. I’ve been thankful for Wednesday dinners at a second family’s home with the Nugget, and I’ve been thoroughly disappointed with Brett Dennen‘s lackadaisical set at Live On The Green. A little pep in the step would have been nice. I’ve been in and out of basement billiards after class and blowing my own mind with seeing people I haven’t heard from since elementary years while chomping down the perfect late night burger and fries with feta cheese. The Porte-Plume and I attended Disney On Ice and could not have irritated the people around us any less. And, I’m okay with that. Growing up with Disney makes it absolutely normal for the two of us to sing loudly to every song while sparkly costumes dipped between glowing castles and mysterious curtains. Yes, I can vouch for Disney when I say that it really is…an ice skating spectacular. In other news, another Clorange tune is complete (finally), amd I’m on the verge of suffocating myself with biology flashcards. Later, I’ll be wishing an old, close friend another year of celebration.