Photography by Melissa Madison Fuller.

These are some of the photos from the shoot I styled for the two lovely ladies of Down from the Summit. Made up of Kate Grom and Carolyn Flood, this duo creates a sound that can only be described with their own definition: schizophrenic blues rock Irish folk. It’s a mouthful, but I was overjoyed to have the privilege to put some threads together for their last photo shoot. Such gorgeous girls, I could have put them in trash bags and they would have rocked it. but with a little mix of my own fur and jewelry and their beautiful vintage dresses that could be used as quality parachutes, the mix of harsh charcoal against the soft shades of pastel orange gave the shoot an antique feel. I love the change-up in focus and the relaxed scenery that lets the tiny bit of rockabilly in their music reign true. Plus, they incorporate an electric harp and that’s just pretty much awesome.

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